The description about the dealings

Shop name
BOUNTY From Japan
Site operation BOUNTY
Hiroshi yamauti
The way of contacting
Sorry It is only e-mail.
Selling price
It is displaying every product.
The postage
The price to send display postage to United States. The country of the other ask with the e-mail.
The way of ordering
On the Internet
The payment method
[The system PAYPAL] 【It puts on a credit card by the payment. 】
We request payment by the prepayment.
The PAYPAL is a safe payment method.
The product delivery
The country except United States ask with the e-mail.
It isn’t sometimes possible to send to the part country.
In the case, it contacts with the e-mail and it repays quickly.
In the case of America, we send on the 5-6Days in EMS.
In the case of America, we send on the 14-16Days by the economy.
About the return product
If a product is damaged during transport or a product different from the one ordered is delivered, with will take responsibility and exchange it.
In this case, please send our company an email by indicating the description with 7 days from the arrival of the product.
We will then inform you with our company’s address, so please return via courier with postage charged to our company upon arrival.
Other than the above cases, we are not able to accept exchanges or returns.
If there is anything unclear upon arrival of our product, please notify us by email.