Privacy policy


At Bounty From Japan (hereinafter “our store”), we comply with laws and other regulations related to personal information, and take all possible measures to protect important personal information of our customers.

Regarding collection of personal information

At our store, we may collect personal information for the following situations.

  • When making inquiries to our store
  • When applying for our store’s services.

Purpose of using personal information

Our store uses personal information collected from customers for the following purpose.

  • To contact customers
  • To respond to inquiries from customers
  • To provide services to customers

Providing personal information to third parties

Our store will not disclose or provide personal information collected from customers to third parties.
However, the following situations are excluded.

  • When approval is obtained from the customer.
  • When there is a request from the police of or government offices.
  • When the law is applicable.

Regarding disclosure and correction of personal information.

Our store will reliably respond when a request to made by customers themselves to disclose, correct, or delete personal information.

Where to address inquires regarding protection of personal information

Excuse me. Correspondence only on a mail.
BOUNTY Company representative Hirosi Yamauti