Order method


Your order method

You can buy it from the button which “" in the page of products you’re wishing.
Please see the following flow for more information.

  1. When there is a selected item, such as size and color to the product,
    you will select the desired.       
  2. Please put the products you’re wishing in a cart and advance towards a register.
  3. Please choose a method of payment.
  4. Chooses English at 1.
    This is not necessary if English.
  5. If having The PayPal account, 2 is choose.
  6. A person of a credit card choose 3, please.

Regarding items on stock and ordering.

Our store makes sales with sufficent products in stocks, however, when there are many orders,
they may be out of stock.
In that case, we will inform you with the product delivery date via email.
In case customers request a refund, the product payment will be returned as soon as possible.