Japanese Noodle ”Ramen”


Japanese noodle is “Ramen”.
Ramen is China originated in the country.
Japanese ramen, has a unique evolution.
In the shop near, we are stuck with pork bone soup.
Ramen miso flavor of minced meat is entered, the spicy and delicious.
Summer, sweat when you eat this ramen, will come out in large quantities.
This taste, never getting tired.
That is, you can not quit eating.
It is so delicious.


【nikumiso ramen】(Meat miso ramen)

This ramen, miso taste of meat mince is the best.
It is a little spicy.


●You can eat in your home.

Taste, slightly different. But it is a delicious cup ramen.

FN0001 Nisshin La King cup. incense Mature rich miso.12 pieces.
Easy 5 minutes. Cup ramen of miso
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directions This is an instant cup noodles.

That you eat in five minutes, you can.

Taste is delicious.

put the hot water.

You can miso flavored ramen.

(1) it will open about a half label.

(2) on the inside of the container line, there. Pour the hot water to the position.

(3) it will close the 5 minutes label.

(4) bag soup. 5 minutes you waited. you will put here.

(5) it will stir well. Please eat.

● It is really delicious.

We are looking forward to your challenge.

material/stuff   Ingredients: noodles (wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil, soybean dietary fiber, egg powder, chicken extract), soup (miso, pork extract, lard, soy sauce, spices, sugar, sesame, flavor oil, salt, vegetable extract, onion powder , wheat flour, vegetable seasoning oil, vegetable oils and fats), gunpowder (pork, corn, green onions), processed starch, seasoning (such as amino acids), thickener (modified starch, thickening polysaccharides), brine, caramel color, carbonate Ca, alcohol, emulsifying agents, pH adjusting agents, carotenoid pigments, antioxidants (vitamin E), (including the dairy component to a portion of the raw material) flavors, spice extracts, vitamin B2, vitamin B1,
product size  Product size (height x depth x width): 153mmx325mmx470mm
product weight (lb) 4.85lb
Estimated Delivery Date price 86$  USD paypal